Kids Ceramics Classes

Ceramics classes for kids 7 years and over. All levels and abilities-disabilities are welcome.

In this ever more technologically focused world, it is easy for kids to miss out on tactile experiences. Kids’ Ceramics Club’s hand building lessons provide a messy, muddy alternative for kids to express themselves.

The 10 lessons for Term 2 include – faceted vase, ancient Minoan pots, dogs in action, Neolithic tools and arrows, little penguins, whale bowls, bee’s or flies (badge), necklace pendant, funny spaghetti plate, and an object of choice. Older children, who a returning, can develop their own self directed project over the term.

After-school classes, for 10 Weeks, with artist Kirsty Collins and her assistant Bree at Dulwich Hill Public School.

Classes Term 2 – 2018, start on Tuesday 1st of May, going to the 3rd of July, 3:15pm to 5:15 pm (2 hours)

The focus is on the experience of experimentation, playing with a responsive material and developing problem-solving skills to manage and manipulate forms in varying, exciting ways.

All clays, tools, underglaze paints, and 2x kiln firings* are provided


2018 Term 2 enrolment

Number of places remaining: 3


* Ceramics are fired twice in kilns and it will take up to 2-3 weeks before we get the work back after the end of term 3 due to long heat-cool wait times in the bisque-firing process. You will be notified by email when the artworks can be picked up at school.

Date and Time

$250 + $10 towards two kiln firings
Classes Term 2 2018
Tuesdays 3:15pm to 5:15 pm – 2 hours

Week 1 to Week 10
Starts 1st May


Year 1 Art Room
Dulwich Hill Public School
Kintore Street, Dulwich Hill