Kids Ceramics Classes

Ceramics classes for kids 7 years and over. All levels and abilities-disabilities are welcome.

In this ever more technologically focused world, it is easy for kids to miss out on tactile experiences. Kids’ Ceramics Club’s hand building lessons provide a messy, muddy alternative for kids to express themselves.

Kids can choose to follow 6 set projects such as modelling an animal pinch pot, dog/cat faces, plate painting, a bobble-head alien/monster or a unicorn/dragon sculpture. Alternatively, they can use the time creating open-ended exploratory artwork. Kids’ Ceramics Club provides a relaxed place for kids to come and have fun making with clay.

The focus is on the experience of experimentation, playing with a responsive material and developing problem-solving skills to manage and manipulate forms in varying, exciting ways.

The Term 4 Kids’ Ceramics Club after-school classes with artist Kirsty Collins at Dulwich Hill Public School, run for 10 weeks from Tuesday the 10th of October to Tuesday the 12th of December.

Please bring an apron or old shirt in order to get messy.

All clays, tools, underglaze paints, and 2x kiln firing* are provided

Term 4 enrolment

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* Ceramics are fired twice in kilns and it will take up to 2-3 weeks before we get the work back after the end of term 3 due to long heat-cool wait times in the bisque-firing process. You will be notified by email when the artworks can be picked up at school.

Date and Time

$250 + $10 towards two kiln firings
Classes Term 4 2017
Tuesdays 3:15pm to 5:15pm (2hrs)
Week 1 to Week 10
10th October 2017 to 12th of December


Year 1 Art Room
Dulwich Hill Public School
Kintore Street, Dulwich Hill