The hands making; and the art, craft and design thinking behind it

I wake every day filled with the excitement and curiosity ready to explore the endless possibilities of the language of clay and chemicals. It’s a long process but there is no greater joy than when your hands and the fire reveal surprising new forms, glazes and surfaces, in the wonderful tactile problem-solving creative process.

Whether my art projects lean towards conceptual minimalism, the decorative or descriptive ends of the creative spectrum all of my forms are enacted with a deep knowledge of the ceramic materials, chemical interactions, the firing process and time frames, and also the audiences’ tactile thinking and feeling experience of the finished pieces.

My work has been exhibited at Hidden: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk, Leichhardt Fringe Festival, and Beams Art Festival. Also various pop-up exhibitions of interactive sculpture and paintings. I was a finalist in the Melbourne Laneways, Art Commissions. Exhibited at Drift at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, with performance, video animation and photography and also at the Hatched exhibition at PICA.


2020-2021: Completing an Advanced Diploma Visual Arts in Ceramics, NSW TAFE, Gymea

  • 2019: Diploma of Ceramics, NSW TAFE
  • 2003: Sydney College of Fine Arts, Sydney University, Master of Electronic Art
  • 1993: College of Fine Arts – the University of NSW, Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in design